The Nipah Experience with Ketupat Weaving

Perak, Malaysia

5 hours
2 - 12 travelers
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Discover Malay culture through The Nipah Experience, where you can experience the wonders of Nipah from ketupat making, to attap weaving, cigarette wrapper making and fruit tasting. Enjoy the village traditions of this close-knit community, and have lunch together.

Nipah palm is a versatile plant. Not only are the fruits edible, its leaves can be used to make the ketupat weave, thatch roofs and cigarette wrappers. These have become tradition for the four families in this little village of Perak.

The Nipah Experience is a fun and interactive way to learn about these traditions. You will have the opportunity to make a local rice delicacy called ketupat, and weave a traditional attap roof from the palm leaves. Taste "Attap Chee", the seed of a young palm, and watch how locals made leaf wrappers. There will be a herbs walking tour and nipah demonstration, followed by a rendang lunch with the community. Set in the idyllic fields of rural Perak, you can see a side of Malay culture few get to see.

Main activities:

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09:00 AM

The Nipah Experience at Kampung Lubok Buntar


Some of the activities include:
- Ketupat cooking class, where you can weave a ketupat shell and stuff it with glutinous rice made with santan and salt. It takes about 90 minutes to steam the ketupats.
- 'Attap-chee' tasting. The young seed of palm which is the source of food for the seedling.
- Nipah roof weaving for traditional kampung houses.
- Nipah wrapper making demonstration by Azman
- Herbs Walking Tour
- Local rendang for lunch

Learn t o make ketupat in The Nipah Experience
Attap chee
Nipah demonstration

02:00 PM



The village is inhabited by four families who are close-knit
The rolling fields leading to the village
Learn t o make ketupat in The Nipah Experience

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Comfortable attire and shoes.

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Plaza Tol Taiping Utara, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

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