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Ipoh ● Joined in 12th of January 2020

A contemplative, an artist & artisan inspired by and a lover of the creatives in arts, culture, nature, food and music.

Particularly interested in the vibrant colour of life with the rich textures of multi ethnic Malaysian culture and tradition where she grew up in, fusing with the multi cultured Western lifestyle she lived in the last 12 years.

She is interested and involved in her own and other people’s development, transformation, journey and growth. Very keen in capturing life stories, beauty and moments with her camera wherever she is.

In 2005, she rekindled her passion in creating art where she began to paint and draw again while living in a L’Arche community for people with learning difficulties in the UK.

Currently an artist and director at Mein Ding Gallery Studio and a resident artist at C. Pariz Museo De Arte in Hungary. She curates art exhibitions and events; writes, organises and runs personalised mindful art sessions, workshops & retreats for individuals, special interest groups, schools, companies and others since returning from the UK in 2015.

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