Kampung Homestays

Let’s balik kampung (Malay for “return to the village”) and go back to the basics with these homestays. Run by locals who are passionate about their hometown, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of each colorful community.

Rainforest Retreat

Malaysia is blessed with some of the most pristine tropical rainforests in the world. Adventure and outdoor enthusiasts would love these resorts as they bring you a sense of tranquillity in the heart of Nature.

Eco Escapades

Eco-friendly resorts are a great way to discover sustainable practices and reconnecting with Nature. You could unwind and clear your mind, take part in fun activities or even learn a thing or two about farming.

Ethnic Villages

How would you like to live with an authentic Bidayuh tribe, meet the Kelabit or stay in a longhouse? Choosing your staycation here helps these local folks gain financial support, improve their living conditions and preserve their fascinating cultures.

16 Unique Staycation Ideas

Need to escape from traffic, pollution and bustling city life? From kampung homestays, to rainforest retreats, eco resorts and hidden ethnic villages, here are some of our suggestions for your next local staycation.